1. Get ready world. We’re droppin love next Tuesday Sept 23 at 11am EST with the release of my limited edition To Tehran with Love hand pulled screen print with @ffleaf
    Thanks to @akakayrock printing house for a beautiful job!

  2. Move over #movember it’s officially #snatchtember

  3. Prototyping with Play doh
    Lighting courtesy of @bomb_hanks

  4. Always make mischief

  5. Inspiration in the everyday

  6. Inspiration

  7. Detail of my new piece in #bushwick for the #peoplesclimate march sept 21 in #nyc
    Yes that’s all Eco friendly @sugarartistsacrylic spray paint

  8. The #peoplesclimate march piece I just finished on Bogart and Flushing. We’re expecting 100,000s of people to march next Sunday to demand change from our heads of states, the largest march in the history of the environmental movement. Check out @peoplesclimate to learn more.
    Thanks to @palsbodega
    “To change Everything we need Everyone”

  9. My Define Progress video on view tonight at #thehappeningnyc show/party tonight at @gristletattoo from 8-late
    Shot by the super talented @joecavallini & @jeegunkim

  10. Detail of the #peoplesclimate change march mural I just finished in #bushwick. So happy to be able to get my message across hypocrisy free with @sugarartistsacrylic
    Follow @peoplesclimate to learn more about the march happening on Sept 21 and to get involved.
    “To change everything we need Everyone” (at Pal’s Bushwick)