1. Awesome stencil find during my trash hunt in Maspeth. Artist unknown

  2. The Age of Responsibility is upon us Friends

  3. I braved the hipsterdom of the @momaps1 art book fair and was honored to meet one of the @guerrillagirls and support their/our cause. ✊❤️

  4. #dumboartsfestival is this weekend. If you haven’t checked out my Trust Your Vision mural down there make sure you do this weekend! It’s on Front St btw Adams and Pearl! Happy Arting!

  5. In the presence of greatness

  6. Plotting Madness

  7. From my Fucking Backwards series. Hit me up if interested, it’s reasonably priced.
    12” x 18”

  8. Is your person white?
    #racism in board games
    Childhood fail

  9. "Like the fruETS of the DEVil you are EVIL." - Classic 90s comedy, anyone?

  10. Rainy Day Tire Jackpot