1. We are the energy we give to others. Incite positive change. A detail of my new work Incite Angry Pirates on view starting tomorrow at @lunarienne for the opening of Distortion curated by @evanvenegas with @loribrooklyn, @johnbrenner1 and others. If you’re in SF come by and say Hi!

  2. When Nature inspires us beautiful things can happen. So psyched to be in #SanFrancisco

  3. Rough and refined.
    A detail shot of a new work off to SF for the Distortion show at @lunarienne

  4. Reclaimed pallet wood
    Hand made frames
    for an upcoming group show next Saturday at @lunarienne in #sanfrancisco
    Much ❤️ to @downingframes for aiding in my madness.

  5. My very own shark with a frickin laser beam on it’s head! The woodshop arsenal is growing.

  6. Color matching at #kayrockscreenprinting for my upcoming To Tehran with Love print with @ffleaf
    Very exciting stuff!!

  7. Incite Angry Pirates, 2014
    New work discussing encryption, the NSA, JTRIG, and a nod to #anonymous #edwardsnowden and #theintercept
    On view August 2nd for the show Distortion at @lunarienne gallery in SF, curated by the talented artist @evanvenegas

  8. Playing with light
    Listening to @thelastinternationale
    A powerful new band I have on repeat. 👊

  9. Some days the world just looks crooked. Today is one of those days

  10. A beautiful 4 page spread in the Dutch magazine #Highlife focusing on my Activist Art
    You can read it here- in Dutch 😝
    #hopinthapond shot by @jeegunkim